Over 50% of insurance denials stem from erroneous medical billing inputs. Protect your practice with ChartPal from Calm Waters AI.

ChartPal is a personalized E/M documentation and coding evaluation and training service that will help you reduce risk and enhance your revenue cycle performance.

ChartPal leverages the deep expertise of coding experts behind Calm Waters AI to analyze documentation practices and coding patterns and identify and prioritize them for improvement and education. Clients receive a customized learning experience that zeroes in on those priority documentation opportunities to create sustainable improvements that boost your bottom line.

Head off denials with increased E/M coding accuracy and proper documentation
Reduce Costs
Reduce your risk of costly audits
Process Improvements
Improve revenue cycle performance
Staff Productivity
Turn brief yet effective educational sessions into lasting improvements

Personalized, interactive training centered on your group’s needs

  • Tailored to specific priorities for coding and documentation improvement and needs of individual physicians
  • Delivered virtually in physician-friendly 1-hour (or less) increments
  • Access as much training as you need, for as many physicians as needed
  • Provides coding documentation improvement regardless of which EHR(s) your organization uses
group of doctors

The best way to reduce the cost of coding and documentation errors is to eliminate them.

Implement Calm Waters AI and amplify ChartPal’s benefits.

By itself, ChartPal helps you achieve and sustain improvements that will improve your risk management and revenue cycle performance. If you add Calm Waters AI to your process, you’ll gain a comprehensive solution that addresses both documentation and coding accuracy—and can deliver an up to, average increase of 30%+* to your E/M-related billing.

*Average revenue increase across various-sized organizations and specialties we have audited. Actual results will vary depending on practice and specialty.