At Calm Waters AI

Our healthcare provider partners are seeing benefits across the board as a result of using our integrated software.

The Healthcare Providers We Serve

Calm Waters AI is bringing compliance and consistency to providers in a range of sizes and specialties. Hear directly from Calm Waters AI users in the brief videos and case studies below. Learn how our solution has increased E/M coding accuracy, saved time and generated positive returns for our clients.

“The software saves me time and gives me peace of mind.”
– Scott Maurer, M.D.
“Calm Waters AI has significantly improved the speed and accuracy of our E/M coding. As a result, our providers can spend more time caring for patients instead of on paperwork.”
– Carman Pennel, Business Office Director, Physician Housecalls
“We believe that Calm Waters AI will deliver a significant return on our investment by enabling us to receive reimbursement for more of the time our physicians spend caring for patients and by improving the accuracy of our E/M coding.”
– Bruce Cohen, M.D., Former CEO, OrthoCarolina

“The Calm Waters AI team has been a pleasure to work with from the minute we met.  You have not disappointed or dropped any ball when it came to implementation. Your team’s communication has been outstanding.”
– Whitt Holder, CEO, Amarillo Urology Associates

“What Calm Waters will do in the background is make sure that that coding is correct, that we’re capturing the revenue for the work that we’re doing, and that it’s compliant.”
– Mike Fabrizio, M.D., Former CEO, Urology Virginia

Case Studies

Acute-Care Hospital

Calm Waters AI helps acute-care hospital operator capture revenue improvement for services provided of $23.56 per
patient encounter.

Geriatric Patient Practice

Calm Waters AI helps small geriatric practice save time and increase confidence in compliance and billing.

Multi-Specialty Group

Calm Waters AI helps multi-speciality group with 400+ physicians conduct internal audit that finds 27% of charts examined were improperly leveled or not codeable prior to subscribing to Calm Waters AI.

Internal Medicine Practice

Calm Waters AI proves to be “a game changer” in
capturing revenue for internal medicine practice. See the impact Calm Waters AI made for this practice.